A Municipality bursting with stories...

The history of the Municipality of Bergeijk is not just confined to books. Historical buildings are everywhere in our villages.
Traces of a distant past can be found above and under the ground. The Municipality of Bergeijk has several historical monuments! 


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    In the middle of Bergeijk's forests lies Kattenberg. There was plenty of ‘witching’ at this burial mound in the past. Witches danced hand in hand here. Or rather... paw in paw. Because in order to avoid being recognised, the witches transformed themselves into black cats. If a man walked by alone, the witches lured him into the circle and he was forced to join in the dance. Sometimes with fatal results. Do you dare?




Discover the stories of the Second World War

Bergeijk has a rich history. Bergeijk's Heemkundekring (Historical Society) used to publish a 'Keersopper' magazine from time to time with many informative and exciting stories. Want to discover these historical tales? 

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