The tip of the iceberg

There is so much to do in this municipality full of idyllic windmills, museums, nature,
shops, theatre, cafés & restaurants, cycling and walking routes!

Are you up for an adventure?

From year-round skiing on real snow at Montana Snowcenter to clambering high up in the treetops at Klimrijk Brabant, whatever you choose to do there is plenty of adventure on offer! Or are you more interested in a real tradition? Then get in the car and set the satnav for Postel! A walk in the countryside or a visit to Postel Abbey will make you feel immersed in a world of history. And after a long walk, you obviously have to have some Postel fries... 


Plenty of inspiration

Not sure yet what you want to do or prefer to have a real map in your hands?
Then feel free to drop by Visit Bergeijk at Hof 82 in Bergeijk.
Here they know how to inspire and inform you and provide you with the best tips!


Ontdek Visit Bergeijk

Many miles of cycling and walking routes...

The countryside around Bergeijk offers many miles of walking and cycling routes.
In addition to forest, heathland and lakes, you can visit many observation towers to look out across the large nature reserve.
There are no fewer than five in the immediate area! Are you up for a voyage of discovery?