A real Rietveld Municipality...

Bergeijk has direct links to Utrecht architect Gerrit Rietveld in various ways. He designed several unique objects in Bergeijk in the 1950s, namely a clock, a bus shelter, two residential houses and his only industrial work: the De Ploeg weaving mill. This gives the distinctive village of Bergeijk the most diverse heritage 'pieces' from this furniture designer and architect who was associated with the De Stijl art movement. A desire for harmony and structure emerged during the war. The artists of De Stijl tried to restore peace and order with their work after the misery and chaos of the First World War. Characteristics such as the use of the primary colours red, yellow & blue and the use of horizontal and vertical lines communicated the message of 'harmony and tranquillity'. 


  • Ploegpark was granted National Monument status in 2009, so it’s no surprise that many people come to have a look at this special park. Ploegpark was designed by garden designer and landscape architect Mien Ruys. The park consists of beautiful green lawns, flower beds, trees and various paved areas. One of the things for which the park garden is celebrated is the fact that it’s a great example of the collaboration between Gerrit Rietveld and Mien Ruys, whereby the building and grounds are designed as one coherent whole and complement each other. Right from the very first draft plans, Mien Ruys and Gerrit Rietveld worked closely together, and the factory and garden are therefore intimately linked. This remarkable park is therefore well worth a visit.


'National Monument De Ploeg became the new business location for Bruns B.V. at the end of 2016. The acquisition fully restored the building’s function as a factory! The place where Ploeg fabrics were produced for many years is now home to exhibitions and information and visitor centres.'



Cultuurhuis Bergeijk (Bergeijk Cultural Centre)

The cultural centre works with various other organisations to make Bergeijk's rich cultural and historical offering more visible and accessible. That is why various entertaining temporary exhibitions, cool displays, interesting tours and fun activities for children take place there every year. There is also a beautiful sculpture and botanical garden next to the Cultuurhuis with the 'Diamond Greenhouse', also known as the Glass Pavilion. In other words, Cultuurhuis Bergeijk offers connection, covers many areas of interest and makes Bergeijk special!

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